Master Your Story Overview

One time I started sharing a story with some people in my office and I got really down into the weeds about what had happened to me. I did not realize that the people sitting in front of me wanted to leave the room. It was almost as if they had their hands over their ears and they were screaming, “TMI, too much information. Stop. I don’t want to go there.” I wasn’t prepared for that and I didn’t realize my story didn’t need all the emotional details. For the audience, it was as if it was happening to them.
When you are engaging an audience, there is only so much you can share. I had to see what it was that caused my audience the pain. Most importantly, what was causing me pain. After a deep dive into my issue that took six months to completely uncover, out came a book.

True confessions, it wasn’t the best book ever. Just the fact that I got a book out I think was more therapeutic than it was informative. And that first edition of that book was horrible. I read through it and I cried, “Oh my God, nobody’s going to want to read this. This is just devastating.” So then I refined it. And after the second refinement I realized, “Okay, here’s the pressure point for me.”

Finding your story and sharing it are vastly different disciplines. In this Master Your Story Process, you will learn both. After my six-month deep dive with counselors, strategists and researchers, this process was formed.

For some, this process will help you generate a book. For others, a course curriculum. Still others, something completely different, perhaps a screenplay or a Broadway show. This process will help you find the path that works best for you.

We have to have individuals in all different areas, whether it’s psychological, financial, legal or even editorial, our team is here to help you go through this Master Your Story process. Our partners are trained professionals from all around the world, people who are willing to step up and help.

Frankly, your story, my story, the story of the person sitting next to you, the story of the people on the bus – they are all very important stories and we need to share them.

So as you go through this course and hopefully the whole program, keep in mind that before you can share your story with anybody, you have to learn it yourself. We designed this process to help you get that story out of you. It may take some people three months. It may take some people six years. But the process of mastering that story is what’s going to help you.

What You Will Learn

  • How to get a big idea?
  • How to know if your big idea is the big idea.
  • What is Perspective?
  • Starting with the end in Mind!
  • Are you standing in your own way?
  • Mind The Gap!
  • Research and why it is important.
  • How to get your ideas down?
  • Why Edit?
  • Sharing the Story.
  • Vehicles for Outreach
  • Importance to Humanity

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