About Us

Master Your Story is a process platform program that takes individuals or businesses in the present moment and helps them draw from past experiences to craft a future that improves their lives as well as humanity.

Our team of experts covers a variety of areas needed for you to achieve your goals. Is your business, story idea, or brand ready to grow? Are you strategically in alignment with objectives and processes, and the order they need to occur? What resources are you utilizing? What ones would enhance your performance? What processes do you have built into your success?

The first step of our process is to help you to identify and evaluate where you are in your idea, project or business, what elements of success are effective and what processes can be engaged to actuate a positive outcome in 90, 180, and 360 days.

master your story

Your Role

To identify the outcomes you desire in your story, business, project, or event.

Our Role

To assess and gather information on your current process, and to “blueprint” an efficient, effective strategy for achieving your outcome with information and process alignments outlining what is needed to achieve your goals.

Areas of Support Include

  • Branding
  • Intellectual Property Development
  • Online Presence
  • Communication and Media Support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Production
  • Stealth Role Involvement as Leadership Teams are Developed
  • Stealth Transition Teams
  • Executive Training Processes

We Support

Platform Development

Sales Development

Book and Media Development
Website Development
Communication Infrastructures
Crisis Communication Development
Online Presence
Temporary Staging Staff to Train your Staff
Executive Coaching
Speaker Training
Educational Platform Building

We are on this earth for a reason, it is vital that we share our stories to aid in the improvement of humanity and the planet.

Kim PlylerMotivational Speaker

Foundation of Our Program

Intellectual Property Development

Tailored Rollout Processes

Effective Communication and Expansion

Hands on Leadership and Strategic Initiatives

Ultimately we are a SWAT team for success.

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