Checking in With Yourself

Can you come up with an idea that you think other people need to hear?

Maybe you’ve experienced a groundbreaking change or tragedy in your life and want to share that story or that big idea.

You tell your friends, even your family, and they say you should write a book, or go speak about it, or even better, go change the world.

So you do. Or at least, you try. You write a little here, maybe have a season of speaking opportunities and there and spend months, if not years, chipping away at this idea of yours. But it never gets done. Or worse…
You do end up crafting your platform idea and sharing it with the world. But you struggle to know how to talk about it and as a result, it goes nowhere.

You conclude those bestselling authors, keynote speakers, teachers and life coaches must have gotten lucky. So you sit down to write your next big idea, thinking this time will be different. It won’t.

What if I told you there was another way? What if you could actually platform your idea, just like the pros do?

That’s what Master Your Story is all about. This process helps you in your present moment pull from past experiences to craft a future for you that will not only help change your life but it will also improve humanity. So very glad you joined us. Let’s get started.

In this program, we go into depth about how important it is that you prepare your story and learn your story before you go out and share it with another audience. It’s really important that you master what you’re about to say, how you’re going to say it, why you’re going to say it, and what you want the people to learn from it.

Remember we all come at this, as you learn in this program, from different perspectives. So before you sit down to understand your audience and learn about your audience, make sure you are prepared.

Special note: As part of the Master Your Story full program, we have partners, staff members and strategists who can help you. Reach out to one of us… We have tons of counselors that will work with you on your particular issue or stumbling block.

When we come across a client who is trying to master their story and comes to an emotional block, we can connect them with the right person for help.

Lesson #1 To Do List

  • Get a journal and write down your top 10 ideas
  • Figure out the angle of your story
  • Record your story thoughts on a recording device
  • Review recording 24 hours later
  • Document findings
  • Share your idea with family or trusted friend
  • Register online for our MYSmatters community

Checking in With Yourself Quiz