AM Bookend

To map out your day, you need to realize that you have the most control over your AM and your PM. If you want to have a great day, bookend it with the AM and PM sections blocked off. AM and PM you can control to a much higher degree than the middle of your day. If you want to have a good AM, it starts with your prior day’s PM. Planning the night before gives you a great start to the day. So what goes into an AM plan?

Grab your journal and draw a big rectangle in the middle of the page. Now draw a line across the rectangle at about one-third the way down from the top. Next, draw another line across two-thirds of the way down on the rectangle.

Mark the top section “AM” and mark out the times from wake up to going to work. Then in the AM space write down those things that help you be you. For me it is exercise, mediation, make my bed, write in my journal and be grateful.

If you do not have an AM system, then let’s build one. Be willing to claim, “This is what I do.” Write each action down and do them each morning.