Join Kim I. Plyler as she speaks with Daniel Roebuck about his upcoming film THE HAIL MARY. It’s a great discussion and at a time when our world needs it the most. THE HAIL MARY is a comedy about Sister Kathy, a Nun with a sense of humor and purpose, who finds an angry loner in need of redemption and leads him to his atonement by conning him into creating a football team for her all-boys catholic school.

THE HAIL MARY will be the first film presented by the new not-for-profit, A CHANNEL OF PEACE, that Roebuck formed with his wife Tammy Roebuck and Montana attorney, Erin MacLean. It is through the not-for-profit that Roebuck and company hope to create faithful movies, documentaries, podcasts and television programs suitable for the entire family. According to A Channel of Peace’s charter, they will produce and support film and other multimedia projects and endeavors that provide insight into the advancement of faith in God and the values of love, forgiveness, good works and gratitude.

“Remember those days when families all watched the same programs together?” Tammy Roebuck wondered recently. “Back in the 70’s you watched THE WALTONS together as a family or the decade before was THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. Danny and I have always made a point of challenging our kids with movies and programs that entertained them and taught them about moral and ethical choices. Lately, it’s been harder and harder to find that kind of content.”

If all goes well, Roebuck will finish this next film by mid-2021 and will then turn the company’s attention to a documentary film called THE LOST ART OF FORGIVING. Partner, Erin MacLean, is very passionate about the concept. “We wonder why some people can forgive horrible and inconceivable actions taken against them, or their families and others can’t forgive a neighbor who parks in their parking space or someone who cuts them off on the highway. Minor altercations can lead to tragedy when people aren’t emotionally open to forgiveness. So, we want to explore that to help people move toward reconciliation.”

The company, A Channel of Peace, will launch its fundraising efforts in March through Indiegogo. Channel of Peace is currently seeking partners in giving, personal donations and corporate partnerships. Tune into the interview to see how you can get involved.