Over the centuries, humans have only been limited by the mind.  How many times do you hear yourself answering a question or an opportunity with, “Oh No Way!”?  I’m guessing far too many times than not.

Positive affirmations make the human mind expand and grow, giving it the ability to enhance life as we know it. If you limit your thoughts, words and deeds to negative affirmation, that is what you will attract in life. For instance, a person has a terrible legal experience with someone renting their property. The next new tenant comes in and that same landlord carries the negative thought of the previous interactions into the new relationship. This begins to eat away at the foundations of trust, reliability and communication.

That which you believe you achieve. As in the case of the fearful landlord, the second tenant also ends up in court with the landlord and so on and so on. Until one day, the landlord realizes it’s fear and negative thought that he carries with him that perpetuate the problems.

Before you say “Oh No Way!”, take a pause and inhale a deep breath, hold it for 7 seconds and release it. Repeat until you can clear focus on the end result you desire. Then you can create the positive outcome. So listen to yourself the next time someone approaches you with a question or opportunity.