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We are a group of strategists, communicators, artists, leaders and community supporters who have gathered together to help you develop and tell your story. We all believe that, through our stories, we can help humanity. We want to help craft yours. Join us.


Kim I. Plyler


Kim I. Plyler is the CEO of SahlComm Inc., a creative communications and public relations firm based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A public speaker and author of “Master Your Story, It Matters!”, Kim uses her platform to encourage individuals and brands to find their story and to share those stories.

John Zaun


Tom Gardner

SVP Sales Coach

Tom made his mark in the software world working with Click Software. He has developed relationships around the world and is an expert in public speaking and sales presentations. His wisdom and expertise help MYS clients grasp the importance of presentation skills, body language and how to identify the audience. Skilled in different parts of the world, Tom's global perspective lends great insight to the team and to the MYS clients. He is fun to work with and his ability to read a situation is one of his superhero qualities, which makes him one of the best and highly sought after salesmen in the world.

Naimah Ward

Account Supervisor

Naimah Ward is one who believes in the power of discovering your true self, your true purpose and then being in pursuit of what you have discovered as long as it lies within the scope of truth. As a devoted Wife, Mother, Pastor, Professor and Entrepreneur, Naimah has made this her personal mission to impact lives – Find a need and meet it! Find a hurt and heal it! Find a problem and solve it! She is skilled in
1. Program Management
2. Marketing strategies and promotional activities
3. Developing relationships with funding sources and market leaders
4. Raising funds for organizational operations and for scholarships
5. Organizing and planning all trips, meetings and community outreach

Taylor Kruopas

Social Media Manager

How the team will help you Master Your Story

It all starts with a conversation.  We help pull from your past experiences, develop a path in the present moment designed to craft a future that will benefit you and humanity.  All it takes to get started is your desire to grow.  Give us a call.