PM Bookend (It Counts Twice)

Every masterpiece day starts with a great morning and every great morning starts with the previous days great PM session. If you want to have a good AM, it starts with your prior day’s PM.

What does that mean? It means you know how to shut off and it means you know how to go to bed at the time you want to go to bed so you can get up at the time you want to get up. So we go back to your masterpiece day.

What time do you get up? In your fabulous day. How many hours of sleep did you get preceding this masterpiece day? Prior to your shut down time, take time to look at tomorrow morning.

What are your routines? Write down what you do each morning to get yourself into optimal shape to face the day.

What is that one thing you want to accomplish tomorrow morning? Write it down then shut it all down and start your evening ritual.

PM time is a great time to reflect and be grateful for at least three things that happened during the day. Write them down. Put your items on the list and each evening stick to accomplishing your list. Then relax, breathe and drift off to deep, deep sleep.